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EMAIL : drp72@hotmail.co.uk

TEL 01252 717 592

MOBILE 07817539159

Darren pound

43 Middlefield





Completed Work

Recently I repaired a shared supply of 3/4 galvonised steel which fed four properties. The method of work that I used to complete this was to cut out 1 metre of the pipe and replace this with 25mm MDPE blue plastic poly pipe. By doing this the leak was fixed and all slabs surrounding the area were relayed to their original high standard.



Most recent works carrieid out was using the MOLING trencless

technoligy after DETECTING the BURST MAIN under concrete driveway ,so a new WATERMAIN was laid in 25mm MDPE WATERPIPE.


IMG_2469 IMG_2467 IMG_2468 IMG_2462